Sieve - basic website analytics for static sites


Google Analytics (GA) is too complex for me to understand. It's overkill for all of my basic websites. Additionally, there are general privacy concerns with GA.

For static content websites, I just want to know which pages are popular and who is referring traffic. Sieve does this by compiling server request logs into basic metrics.

Sieve is a tool for compiling basic website analytics from server request logs rather than using front-end libraries and third-party services. It has two parts: an application for computing the metrics, and a basic web server for viewing the metrics.

When we say "basic", we really mean it! The initial metrics are:

  • Visitors based on IP address,
  • Referrals based on the Referer HTTP header, and
  • Top Pages based on the uri-stem (i.e., path) of the HTTP request.


Checkout the GitHub project to get the code and give it a spin.